About TCOPS / TCOPS International: The Organization

TCOPS is a peer support network for transgendered law enforcement officers.  Members
are patrol officers, deputies, federal officers, detectives, correctional officers, parole
agents, probation officers, constables, rangers, parks police, police officers, deputy
sheriffs, state special agents, federal special agents, special police officers, reserve
officers, district attorney investigators, forensic scientists, crime scene technicians,
military law enforcement personnel, corrections officers & CID officers, community service
officers, college, campus, and school police officers, latent fingerprint examiners, and
other support staff, and retired officers.  Active, former, and retired transgender members
from these law enforcement agencies are eligible for membership in TCOPS.

There are currently plans to incorporate TCOPS into a Not-For-Profit Organization, to
advance the cause of transgender employee’s right to be employed and/ or retain
employment, through advocacy, support, and education.

Having an employee transition genders in a law enforcement environment, is a
management challenge.  Providing managers with training, education, and resource
information is a vital part of a successful transition.  Good management required the
administrator of an agency to consider the welfare and interests of their department, the
co-workers, as well as the transitioning employee.  Preparing the employee to “transition”
genders is the other component of a well-rounded and viable transition at work.

Issues such as name changes on credentials and employment documents, the employee’s
presentation and appearance at work, grooming standards, concerns of co-workers,
restroom access, and locker room accommodations are all topics of interest and many
times contention.  Specific policies, guidelines, or practices may have to be developed, to
assure that expectations are set forth for the employees, the affected employee, and
management alike.  Information is power; the power to lead and the power to prosper.  

Law Enforcement employees and especially credentialed officers or agents, are highly
trained and experienced professionals.  Agencies spend huge amounts of money, to train
an employee throughout their career.  Retention of these employees is in management’s
best interests as well as the employee’s.  It allows the agency to save a vital resource for
the communities, which the officers serve.

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